On the rare occasion it snows in our infamously soggy city, it is both a nuisance and a form of rare entertainment. But when all is said and done and everyone is finally home from hours stuck in traffic, or finding creative ways to transform our steep hills into sledding mayhem and as the snow continues to fall, the streets become quiet and still. Almost as if we're a proverbial city with normal amounts of snow, and it isn't a rare phenomenon, but rather a fact of life. So after hours of watching the snow fall from our street level apartment I took a walk at midnight, and came across lonely snowmen, ski tracks, piles of frozen snowballs, and and one or two people with the same idea as me. It reminded me so much of when I lived in Montana and I had to be to work by 7 am, and many mornings I'd walk to work in utter whiteness and silence. Even though it was cold and annoying, I miss those quiet moments of walking through the newly fallen snow and abandoned streets because everyone was still sleeping. Not that I want to go back to that place. I'll take the persistent rain over daily snow storms any day. But sometimes it's nice to have on occasion.
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