small worlds
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After a very enjoyable Indian dinner at Cedars in the University District with some friends we leaped (yes, leaped... giddily) over to Tully's on the Ave and played what turned out to be a very close game of Small Worlds. An approachable game that is all about ruling the land with the objective of making as much money as possible. You pick races that each have their own special traits, and each one is randomly modified by different special powers. I didn't grow up playing strategy games or anything like Risk, but over the years my hubby, is both a gamer and in the gaming industry has found clever ways to get me to play them. I find Small Worlds approachable, addictive, and fun, even though I always get my a$$ handed to me. And afterwards as we walked down the ave to our bus stop, Small Worlds in tow, we were stopped by several university students who recognized the large, colorful box.
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