Yesterday the LA Times published an article written by Kathleen Hennessey in which the author claims the Republican party finds itself in a bind over the vote to repeal healthcare.

Yes, it is true that a House vote to repeal the healthcare law was put on hold after Saturday's shooting in Arizona but that's pretty much standard procedure for a tragedy of this sort. Hennessey makes the claim that if the GOP delays the vote much longer they'll "infuriate their most conservative supporters and 'tea party' activists." I would tell Hennessey that maybe she should give it a few days and see what happens next week. Chances are DC, and the majority, will be back to business as usual.

Hennessey quotes one Tea Party leader from Maine who thinks delaying the vote is "a mistake" and disappointingly "shows a...lack of spine and will." It would have been nice if Hennessey spoke to more than one person before coming to her convenient conclusion of full-blown frustration within the party. Even at her laziest, the author could have just taken to Twitter to read what conservatives were saying.

The left has really gone spin crazy with this story and each day I'm a little more amazed at how creatively pathetic they make themselves look. While Hennessey should be complemented for her imagination, the fact is if this tragedy happened during the Democratic Party's House majority, we would be offered a very different picture.

The vote to repeal Obamacare was supposed to take place yesterday. Instead, like all other issues on the table, it was put on hold in order for the nation to mourn. Using that sorrow and respect as a vehicle for spinning politics only highlights just how desperate the left is. There is no doubt that cutting spending is top priority for Republicans but there is also no doubt that conservatives across the nation understand "business as usual" can wait a week while we all deal with a tragedy.
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