When we bought our bikes over 5 years ago, I'm not sure I knew how much they would become such a big part of our everyday lives.

And everyday since bringing bikes into our life, my appreciation for my city's planning efforts has increased. It's not Holland. But at least there's some effort. And as all good things seem to be, Seattle becoming a true biking city is a work in progress.

As is most abstractions that are hard to objectively define I have a difficult time calling myself a biker. I don't own any hardcore gear. I've never trained for an event. I've been known to wear my heels and a ridiculous dress while biking to a dinner date. Nor am I a hardcore hipster type that forgets funky hair, though sometimes nice to look at, does not protect the precious brains. Not to call myself out as a hipster hater, especially since we share similar traits, but I'd like to think of myself as more of a sensible, yet at heart, truer anarchist. For a more thorough idea of who a modern Seattle hipster is guidespot.com has really got their number. They must have somehow infiltrated it.

Back to not being a biker. Oh right, I can pump my own tires. I know what it's like to fix loose, greasy chains in cold weather with bare fingers. But anything beyond those two simple fixes requires a trip to our local bike shop. Basically, I'm someone who rides a bike, but is not a biker. Recently, while participating in a local bike to work month I was told I'm a life style biker. Someone who rides a bike to get places. I ask, isn't that what a bike is for? To get places?

Note: Every city has their own biking bylaws, so I recommend educating yourself on your county's laws

King County's Bicycle Laws in Full Text (Bicyclists and Motorists)

A bicycle is a vehicle on the road or a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Every person riding a bicycle upon a sidewalk or crosswalk must be granted all of the rights and is subject to all of the duties applicable to a pedestrian by this chapter.
RCW 46.61.770 
Bicycles are not required to use a bike lane or shoulder.

And it's apparently it's not illegal to ride drunk
RCW 46.61.790
Legal to bicycle drunk, but police may impound bicycle if you are too drunk.

And take a trip over to Seattle Likes Bikes where they have conveniently busted the arguments motorists like to yell out their windows while they are narrowly passing us with disregard for our life.

Been yelled at by a motorist?
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