It seems 2011 is not only a year for personal creative expression, but as well as collaboration. So far this year, I've started a book journal blog with Allison, my sister-in-law, and now that I have a sister friend to share my reading life with, I feel sorta, kinda complete. I'll save that revelation for another time.

And coming soon is a collaborated food blog with a very good  friend from high school. Last night we chatted over FB about a proper name. I was going for something that had a good sound to it and easily rolled off the tongue, while she was going for something non-generic. But we agreed that it needed to incorporate both our names. So after a few cups of wine on her part, which both debilitated her tongue's ability to pronounce her suggested name and brought out the French bistro lingo in her, and some serious alliteration contemplation on mine, we finally agreed on a name. I won't divulge it now, but we're both anxious to get the ball rolling. Well, at least I am, but considering her mouth watering food pics on FB lately, I'd say her food brain is all geared up for our food blogging to begin.

That leads me to my next collaboration. It will be exactly as the title states, and as you see in the picture, an example of Krishnaholdingthings. My good friend Krishna, who I am sure you will all soon fall in love with is goofy, sexy, passionate, audacious, tenacious, loquacious, veracious, intelligent, geeky (note: PVZ apron), nerdy, funny, compassionate, and most pertinent to the blog, adorably humorous. She's also, as the French would call her a raconteuse. A good storyteller. I think it's her robotic ability to remember the most minute of details and absorb information as if a sponge of the sea. But she is human. I assure you. Despite my metaphors, she's not some sort of aquatic robot sponge thingy goddess. Hmmm...or maybe she is...I know her name can be a little deceiving. So integrating her descriptors, her je ne sais quoi with my old school photography skills, we'll both tell stories through pictures of her holding things. Well, ok, they won't be real stories per se, but rather mini-vignettes into the human condition of one who, er, ummm... loves to hold things. Stay tuned...

Side Note: The Plants Versus Zombie apron came from my Popcap schwag rummaging husband.
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