Nikita Willy (born Nikita Purnama Willy; November 29, 1994) is definitely an Indonesian actress and pop singer. Willy began her job inside the amusement globe Indonesia since the age of seven decades by soap operas Moon Stars. Artist bloody of Minangkabau has because grow to be recognized publicly, when the dime novel role inside the soap opera with Evan Sanders. Furthermore, she also started out to spread towards the globe of drag votes.
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Westlife singer Mark Feehily has paid tribute to Stephen Gately for helping him find the courage to come out.

Gately, who died in October, came out in 1999 during his time with Boyzone. He was the first boyband member to announce he was gay.

Feehily announced he was with Kevin McDaid in 2005 after seven years of hiding his sexuality in the public eye. The couple are still together.

He said: “Stephen was extremely brave. He was the first member of a boyband to come out, and, in hindsight, it helped me and probably lots of other gay lads to understand their sexuality and come out.

“Every time a celebrity who is admired by millions of people comes out, it’s one more blow to any negative stereotype out there.”

In an interview with the Sun this week, Feehily said being in the closet was a “dark” time for him.
By Mark Davidson

Women expect lavish gifts Valentine could be set up for disappointment if 2010 is used as a gauge, new research shows.

The information compiled by market research firm Kantar's World Panel GiftTrak showed that men gifts purchased 25 per cent less in 2010 than in 2009, and experts believe that this trend will continue in 2011.