A captain in the Navy is facing possible dismissal due to his making jokes about gays. The story reminds of the Tom Hanks comedy, "A League of Their Own." Specifically, it reminds me of the scene where one of the female baseball players is crying on the field and Hanks' character yells, "There's no crying in baseball!" Well, the same goes for the military.

The military is no place for political correctness, and there's no crying about hurt feelings in the military! 5 years ago - long before the recent repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Capt. Owen Honors, commander of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, made a video that poked fun at, among other things, gays in the military. The video was aired on the closed circuit system on the ship. Though there were some complaints at the time, the video was brushed off until now.

Now, let's be honest. We all make fun of gays. We make fun of fat people, midgets, the mentally disabled, etc. Basically, people make fun of other people. Is it nice? No, its not, but its an entertaining and, albeit immature, way to pass a lot of bored time. If the military feels the need to penalize this captain, fine, go for it...but how about making the punishment only as severe as the err of his ways? The crying over this "offensive" video is ridiculous. If you're gay and have ever been to a drag show, you've seen far more offensive material so why put up the front of having been offended over this?

Honors has apparently done a good enough job in the Navy to make it to Captain but now he will most likely be relieved of command over this video. The video may have been lewd, it may have been childish and even offensive to some...but this is the military. You can't set out to make it proper and PC. I'm all for the repeal of DADT but that doesn't mean low-brow humor should be off limits, even if it offends some people. You're in the military, it's time to grow some balls.
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