true grit
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The love of my life demonstrating true grit while traveling home on bus 49 after seeing the Coen Brother's True Grit.  I adored Hailee Steinfeld, who doesn't seem to be getting the proper title as a leading actress but rather is being labeled a supporting actress, despite her being most of the movie. I guess you have to be old and gritty, or a middle aged man and sexy to be labeled a leading actor.  Ironically, it is Hailee Steinfeld's character that ends up having the most grit.

By the way, I love the 49. It services Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and the U-District. And ever since we moved to the North side of Capitol Hill and right across the street from a stop, not having a car has been much easier for us urbanites. Of course it helps to have the One Bus Away app for the iPhone.
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