This is a scam email. Why? Let me quickly summarize what I have observed in this scam email that indicate it is a scam email.Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued

1. Email did not have the Yahoo! official logo

2. Source of this email is not convincing!!
From: Yahoo! ">"Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued

3. The link redirect you to other web page, that is, "" instead of what is shown "", and "" instead of the real help page of Yahoo!.

4. If you go and Google the website of "", you will find nothing. In other words, even Google does not want to index this website, do you think you can trust this website?

For those you receive the similar email, do ignore it and just report to Yahoo!. For the sake of display, I purposely remove the re-directly from this scam email to avoid my reader to be re-direct to those scam website unconsciously. The content of this email is shown below:Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued
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