Brian Jacques, author of the famous Redwall series of books has just ended. Some of you may have fans, others may not know the name at all, and I recommend you take a copy and give it a shot.

Redwall is one of the first books I took a little child, and the first set of books I've read all of my life. E 'Redwall was the first I've got my interest in fantasy and literature, and it would be the advantages, which eventually lead me down the MTG.

In a roundabout way, Brian Jacques has made me much of who I am today.

So tonight, I drink to his memory, and I hope all fans can take a break and pay their respects.


"Good and Evil at the same level." I said by way of explanation.

He replied, somewhat confused "But ... surely there must be another six ..."

"And seven other people, yes, but I'm not that good or bad, at the request of any of the final trio. Whenever I can change my nickname in one way or another you can expect something great ... or something terrible."
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