Black Eyed Peas And Their Super Bowl Halftime Show 

Huge Blowout show, which is typically the Super Bowl halftime show was a great production, many fans expect. This year's headliner, The Black Eyed Peas have done most of the time in a complex pattern is seen for some time.

The fourth trial pop superstar went straight from the future, and underpin the extremely busy period to be more than what the eye can detect. The stage was shaped in the form of high-end headphone producer Dr. Dre Beats by Dre. After ascending to heaven in what looked like mini flying saucers, the points black and silver dress crossed all his hits, opening with the great success of 2009 "I Got A Feeling."

The next came "Boom Boom Pow" and a luminous flux of dancers dressed and tidy joined the crew and they have remained fairly moderate save up to Fergie, who was much stronger than the guys. Treats its time for all that she could surprise guest guitarist Slash joined the altercation appears in his signature top hat, but this time, his trademark was dragging brush and futuristic. Slash Fergie met one time in the gallery before the second surprise guest Usher came out to perform his hit "OMG" for the pleasure of the game of pigskin.

After going through some of their hits, including their latest single, "Time (Dirty Bit)," the crew is back to cutting opening fire before leaving fog, laser lights and glory.
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