Christina Aguilera And Lady Gaga In Final Grammy Poll Showdown
The 53rd Grammy Awards are almost here, but the list of Grammy performers continues to grow. As if Eminem is aware that his lead in carrying out the survey at the Grammy Awards Most Wanted was slippery, news came down today that Dr. Dre made Slim Shady would join on stage for a show (probably only right path "I need a doctor"). And just because they apparently do not have enough stories already in the record, Bob Dylan was also added to the lineup of the night (he will play with Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers in what is presented as a "tribute to acoustic music , "which probably hints of folk, country and bluegrass).

As for the vote for the most anticipated performance is Grammy, Christina Aguilera (and the rest of the women participating in the tribute to Aretha Franklin) took control of the whole affair. Despite a good decent start, Lady Gaga, Eminem were assigned to head Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and company. But there is still time to support your favorite, that voting is open until Friday morning (11 February). The winner will be announced on Saturday (12 February), just in time to allow the actual performance takes place on Sunday (13 February). Slim Shady army - now with a big gun named Dr. Dre - the top of the pyramid? Do the little monsters send Lady Gaga at number one? Aguilera and finish strong in the mockery of security? Continue to vote below and stay tuned for more Grammy news!
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