Talk about a warped view of reality. I just read Dana Goldstein's article about the Department of Education and how the Tea Party is out to destroy education reform.

Ms. Goldstein writes about "the latest small gov't fad" that could have a devastating effect on reform. Nevermind the fact that the Department of Education has been influencing and controlling our schools for ages. Forget about the reality that in the past couple decades we've seen federal influence on our schools increase while the quality of education has decreased. Put logic and reason out of your mind and just increase the scope of federal influence over hasn't worked in current doses so just up the prescription!

The Dept. or Ed has shown its uselessness and its time we all wake up to the realization that our nation's school crisis needs to be addressed on local, city, and state levels, catering to the specific needs of specific school districts. Don't believe me? Look at homeschooling success rates and the success of Charter schools, like Harlem Children's Zone.

Ms. Goldstein's article is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read on The Daily Beast. The author refers to recent popularity for small gov't as "the latest small gov't fad"? A fad...really? How about that 200 year old document called the Constitution of the United States, which contains the 10th Amendment? Perhaps she hasn't read it and therefore doesn't know the 10th Amendment grants states the right to govern themselves in regard to things like education.

The author refers to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and the fact that the U.S. and Somalia are the only two nations that have not signed on...but who cares which nations have signed it? In the U.S., again, we follow this thing called the Constitution. We should refer to that document for guidance and not the whims of other nations. Maybe Ms. Goldstein should spend more time reading this nation's founding documents rather than focusing on U.N. conventions?

She also referred to parental rights by placing the phrase in is she trying to suggest the right to raise your child as you see fit is not a legitimate right?

Naturally, Ms. Goldstein has not failed to use classist divisiveness. What's her point regarding a statistic that successfully home schooled students come from more affluent families? Should these more affluent families not have the right to teach their children in a successful style simply because other families can't afford the same method? When do successful families stop being punished for their success?

How a parent raises a child - including educating that child - is a personal decision. Our public school systems are a mess and nobody denies that reform is necessary but I hardly think more federal oversight is the reform we need. Federal oversight hasn't helped so far, why would any logical person think MORE federal oversight will do the trick? To spin the Tea Party's concern for a failing education system as an attempt to destroy reform is absolutely incredulous. The fact is, when compared to other developed nations, with federal oversight of our education system we've managed to rank 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math. Federal government has proven it is a failure at education reform and our kids can't afford to give them another chance.
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